I Will Be At Fargo Core Con

This weekend is Fargo Core Con VII, which is an annual sci-fi/fantasy/horror/anime/general geek culture convention held in Fargo, North Dakota. Every year Core Con has a theme and this year that theme is A Touch Of Evil, which seems to be a fancy way of saying horror. It is held at the Baymont Inn & Suites. If you want more general information on the con, you can check out their website.

I’m sharing this information not just because it is a convention in my (sort of) area, which is always something to be excited about, but also because I will be attending. It’s my first year going to this particular con but I’ve heard good things about it. What’s more, for the first time ever, I will be on two panels at this con.

The first panel I will be on is called Horror Anthologies 101 at 1PM on Friday. The second is How To Become A Published Horror Writer and is at 2:45PM on Saturday. On both of these panels with me will be Roy C. Booth (who you may know from Phase 2 Magazine), Cynthia Booth, and Axel Kohagen. All three of them were also in the In Shambles horror anthology with me. You can find a complete schedule for the convention here.

I will also take pretty much any opportunity I get over the course of the weekend to talk about Phase 2 Magazine (issues 1 and 2 out now, issue 3 releases next month) and the upcoming Something In The Machine horror anthology.

While the con runs Thursday through Sunday, I will only be in attendance Friday through Sunday. If you’re in the area, entry is only $50 at the door and is good for the entire weekend. Stop by, watch some panels, and have fun.

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