My New Notebook

I have a bad habit it starting to write in a notebook, then getting a new notebook and starting to write in that before I fill the old one. There’s usually one reason or other, but it’s led to me having a stack of nice, often semi-expensive (there are a couple real, full sized Moleskine notebooks in the stack) that are less than half full. I’ve been working on correcting that habit recently by using notebooks I had already partially used.

Tonight, I had to make an exception and open up this new notebook for writing a cyberpunk adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar for an upcoming Punk Writers anthology. I say it’s for luck, in a way. You see, back in January, I traveled across the country to Baltimore to visit Edgar Allan Poe on our shared birthday. While I was there, I visited the big, fancy Barnes and Noble down at the waterfront. There I found they had red Piccadilly (basically a cheaper version of Moleskine) notebooks, which I had never seen where I live. I bought three of them and, until tonight, they had all remained in the bag. 


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