Episode 29 of Voice of the Witness is Live

This is cross posted (and slightly revised) from a post I made on Facebook. It got a little long and I decided it was blog worthy.

It feels very strange to me, writing Voice of the Witness in a vacuum. That’s what I’ve been doing to this point. The Calamities Press editor has given me comments a couple of times and I’ve heard from a couple of people I know online that they’re reading it, but nothing really beyond that. I can see the episodes get likes and shares and retweets and all that so I know someone is almost certainly reading reading, but I never hear from any of them.

If you’re reading, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what you think, even if it’s as simple as you like the way it’s going or there’s a certain character you like or don’t like. I’ll be revising the serial from the beginning soon and knowing what people do or do not like would be beneficial in that process.

Anyway, episode 29 was posted this week. On paper, it’s the second to last episode of this micro arc. In actuality, it’s more like it’s the end of it and there will be a sort of in between episode before the next part begins. We have some action coming up, too.

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