I Will Be At Marscon 2015

I thought I would follow the lead of Patrick Marsh and make a brief post about Marscon.

Marscon in a convention held in Minnesota each March. It’s sort of one of those all around geek cons, though it has a primarily sci-fi leaning. It’s also one of Minnesota’s more laid back cons, whereas CONvergence is pretty much a four day party. That’s not to say there isn’t any partying at Marscon, because there most certainly is, just that it’s less of the focus. I find the average attendee of Marscon is a bit older than at CONvergence or one of our anime cons and you’re more likely to find people interested in having serious discussions about their interests. The panels also tend toward being more informative.

I won’t be doing any panels and I still don’t have anything to sell in the dealer room, but I will be there. Come find me, if you’d like. You can get in touch with me via Twitter or Facebook.

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