2015 Is Imminent

I think it’s a good idea to set some goals going into the new year. I also think it’s a good idea to make those goals openly known, so it’s harder for me to not follow through. Today, I will be sharing my writing and publishing related goals.

First of all, I intend to make more regular use of this blog in the coming year. I don’t plan to have a regular posting schedule at this time, but we will just have to see how things work out.

In 2015, I will once again be participating in a 52 In A Year type writing challenge. I fell far short of that in 2014, though I still think I had a good year, as far as writing is concerned.

I intend to miss no more episodes of Voice of the Witness. That alone would put me at very nearly 52 complete pieces for the year. Since those episodes are very short, however (my target for a standard episode is ~250 words, a bit longer for more important ones), I will not allow that to be enough.

Early in the year, I intend to begin the process of revising Voice of the Witness as far as it has been written. I will then begin publishing it regularly, from the beginning, on Watt Pad. At some point I will be collecting this serial in one or more volumes and offering those for sale, probably with some extra side content.

I also intend to write, at absolute minimum, one first draft of a complete, longer short story each month. Ideally, these will also be revised, edited, and submitted for potential publication shortly thereafter.

During 2015, I hope to complete at least the first draft of my first real book, which is currently untitled and I expect to be of novella length.

This is on top of launching Phase 2 as a proper quarterly publication in January and continuing that through the year.

This is, of course, all on top of running a literary magazine (Phase 2), which will be launching as a proper quarterly publication in January.

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