NaNoWriMo 2014

This year I will be, in a way, participating in National Novel Writing Month. I say in a way because I won’t be doing it precisely as described by the website people go to for the event. I have set my own goals, which I will be sharing here today. My goals are broken up into two sections, Word Count Goals and Social Goals.

Word Count Goals

  • Minimum 15,000 words for the month.
  • Minimum 100 words per day.
  • Minimum 3,500 words per week.

My target minimum word count is 15,000. That’s a hell of a lot less than the 50,000 for the contest. It’s also novella length, not novel length. That’s the idea, really. I want to write a novella before I ever attempt a novel. I also feel 15,000 words is a much more realistic target for my in a 30 day period than 50,000 words is.

I’m aware that 100 words a day will not get me to 15,000 by the end of the month. My daily minimum is an acknowledgement that some days will be more productive than others. I should still get to 3,500 words per week so I reach my end goal before the end of the month.

Social Goals

  • Minimum 1 related Twitter post per day.
  • Minimum 1 related Facebook page post per day.
  • Minimum 1 related blog post per week.
  • Minimum 1 encouraging/supporting Twitter mention per day, plus follow ups and conversation.

Most of this should be pretty self explanatory. I intend to provide regular updates for anyone who wants to follow along with my progress as well as engage the community online. Each day, I will search Twitter for something along the lines of #NaNoWriMo or #AmWriting and encourage others who are attempting this challenge. Beyond that, I will also carry on conversation with those individuals, if that happens.

What do you think of my goals? What, if anything, are you doing for National Novel Writing Month? I’d love to see some comments here. If you’re taking the challenge, or a variation of it, and plan to do regular updates, links to your blog, or Twitter, or Facebook page here and I’ll follow along with you. This will be a lot easier if we keep each other encouraged!

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