Thunder From Fenris Review

A couple of months ago, I bought the Thunder From Fenris audio drama. At the time, I started it but never finished it. Tonight, I finally listened to the entire thing, start to finish.

Thunder From Fenris is $14.99 and, according to the Black Library website, 75 minutes in length. However, when I opened it up on my phone, I found it’s actually just a few seconds over 68 minutes. That doesn’t strike me as a great value, but I wanted to try out Black Library audio dramas and Thunder From Fenris was their cheapest Space Wolves option I saw at the time. I now see there is one for $4.99, which they claim is 10 minutes in length. The sad part is, they might sucker me into buying that one because it’s about Bjorn the Fell-Handed.

The story follows a group of thunderwolf riders as they hunt on of their former companions who has fallen to the curse of the wulfen and killed another of their number. The hunt takes place inside and outside of a city infected by a Nurgle-powered zombie plague. As things progress, this is all less straightforward than it first appears but there’s nothing too shocking, either. Overall, the story isn’t great but it’s not so bad I didn’t finish it. I’ll probably even listen to it again, someday, and not just because it cost me $15.

Early in the audio drama, I felt like the sound effects were a bit lacking. It seemed almost like an audio book rather than an audio drama. It’s possible I was just expecting too much. I have listened to very few audio dramas, or anything similar. However, later on in the story, and especially near the end, the sound effects get much better.

Where Thunder From Fenris really shines is the voice acting. It’s some of the best I’ve heard in my limited experience with audio dramas. The characters are all clearly defined, which is really what you most need.

If you’re devouring all the Space Wolves stuff you can, like I am, it’s something you’ll want in your collection since there are not yet many audio dramas featuring the chapter. If you’re looking for the best possible audio drama or just something to listen to, you may want to keep looking. If the voice acting and effects aren’t important to you, you’ll get more bang for your buck out of a full length audio book. You can get an even better value if you go with one of the bundles of audio books or audio dramas that they sell on the Black Library website. All of that can get quite expensive, though.

My overall rating of Thunder From Fenris is three out of five.

One thought on “Thunder From Fenris Review

  1. Matt

    Good review! Normally, I am not one for audio dramas; but for all things Thunderwolves, I am there. I will have to check it out.


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