For the past month and more, I have been in a slump. I’d like to blame it all on work (my normal job, that is) but the blame really lies with me for not overcoming that.

I have written next to nothing and accomplished about the same on all fronts. Dark Futures has effectively been on hiatus. This, obviously, needs to change.

As of now, I am going to work to refocus myself. I need to get back to things which are important to me and I enjoy. I need to climb out of this silly rut.

Dark Futures Annual 1 will be released in the coming month. That is an absolute promise from me. I should also be able to get caught up on Phase 2, hopefully including the urban fantasy issue with guest editor Heidi Chimo. I want to have that out in time for CONvergence at the beginning of July and it would be weird to not have the preceding issues also available. These releases will be available at least on Kindle but will hopefully also make it to other electronic formats.

I will also get back on writing. I will produce a new episode of Voice of the Witness each week, even if it doesn’t get posted to the Calamities Press site. It can’t hurt to bank a few to avoid gaps like what happened recently. Episode seven is written and with their editor but did not go up this week because of the holiday. I will also begin writing a weekly piece for my blog, which I will be calling Freeform Future Freakout Friday. Obviously, that’s going to be a sci-fi thing. I have a few other stories sitting around that I should edit and submit as well. I may also start editing the first portion of Voice of the Witness into one piece, so I can eventually release it that way. That’s only if time allows, though.

I’m going to be backing off of the personal end of Facebook quite a bit but you will still be able to contact me through my page or on Twitter. I think it’s long past time for me to do that.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but that’s it for now.

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