Voice of the Witness Commentary 04/21/2014

I suspect no one noticed, but I didn’t write a commentary for episode four of Voice of the Witness. I realized that no one seemed to be reading them so there’s no sense in spending the time to do it every week. They’re still somewhat entertaining for me to write, though, and they’d be a cool find for an eventual fan of the series so I will still be doing them from time to time.

Episode four was particularly weak. It didn’t progress much, yet again. It was short. I also didn’t do everything with it that I would have liked to do. I put it off for too long and then ADHD took hold when I had to finally force myself to do it. One thing I think it did do well is show a bit of Bart’s personality.

If you had started reading Voice but stopped because I allowed it to get so slow, maybe even growing a bit purple, episode five would be a good time to come back. It moves forward in time a few days and steps into a different character’s point of view. There’s also a good amount of character development and foreshadowing in there.

Recently, I realized exactly how I am going to proceed with a large scale storyline in Voice, which could even carry beyond the serial. If I wanted, anyway. It’s definitely hinted at in episode five but it’s nothing that comes from out of the blue or anything like that. I’ve had the seeds of this plot in my mind since I started, I just didn’t know the details of it until now.

Episode five should probably be up at some point today. When it is, you can read it, or the previous episodes, here. Thanks for reading.

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