Voice of the Witness Commentary 003

This is a commentary on episode three of Voice of the Witness, which can be found here. Voice of the Witness is a dark, low-fantasy serial I am writing. It is published on Mondays weekly by Calamities Press. This serial is further exploring the world presented in my story Hunt of the Damned, from a much different perspective.

For each episode, I will be writing a commentary and posting it here. In these commentaries, I will give a sort of behind-the-scenes look at what I am trying to do in each installment of the serial and possibly hint at where things are going. I may also give more information about the world in which the story takes place.

Since I typically schedule my blog posts for midnight, these commentaries will often be online several hours before that week’s episode of Voice of the Witness. There may be spoilers. You have been warned. Now that I have that introduction out of the way, I shall begin.

Zacharia’s companions setting out have finally been properly introduced. They are Bart and Ragan. From an administrative perspective, they’re part pack mule, part body guard. Bart being an old friend also helps morale for Zacharia, though.

This episode made little progress outside of introductions and a few tiny seeds being planted. Still, it is the longest episode yet by word count.

Episode four is sure to get everyone out the door and onto bigger and better things.

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