52 In A Year (And General Writing) Update

I believe I have previously mentioned the Facebook group I am a part of, where the members set the goal of each writing 52 complete stories in 2014. If I haven’t, there is your explanation. Currently, I’m not on course to have 52 stories completed this year, even if I count each individual episode of my serial as one (which I am).

I do have a number of story fragments, however, and even a couple I would call completed first drafts in need of revision. In some cases, they are also in need of typing, since they’re written in notebooks.

I’ve also written a partial outline for what could be my first novella or novel or something of that sort. The outline isn’t completely written out but I do have it mostly plotted, at least loosely, in my head. I also have a general idea for a follow up to that one in mind, which is actually the story I started with but in the process of planning it, I realized I wanted to tell a different character’s story first and I would rather not write a prequel. I’ve written what you could probably call vignettes or scenes for both of those.

I’ve also had one publication so far this year, though the story was written, and I think submitted, last year. It did get a new revision for the magazine, though. It was also my first ever paid sale, so there is that.

In conclusion, I may or may not make the goal of 52 completed stories this year. Even if I don’t, it has still been a very productive year for me and I hope it only gets better.

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