Let’s Make One Thing Clear

Now that I’m starting to do this as a regular thing (at least hopefully), I feel the need to make one thing very clear: Everything said on this blog is coming from me, personally, and not from Dark Futures.

Dark Futures as a zine, or publisher, or whatever you would like to call it, has no stance or opinions on anything. It is not a person. It does not think or have ideas. The opinions of myself, the Executive Editor of Dark Futures, are my own and not those of Dark Futures. Any opinions or ideas presented in stories published by Dark Futures are those of the author of the story, not of Dark Futures.

I am aware that Dark Futures may have published a story or two during the first year which could be interpreted as endorsing a certain viewpoint. That is not the case, however. Good fiction is good fiction. As editor of Dark Futures, I want to present the audience with good stories, not influence them in any way. I’m equally likely to publish stories presenting ideas I do not agree with as I am those I do. What is important is the story.

That said, I don’t intend to go out of my way to be offensive in this blog. I’ll probably avoid discussing controversial topics for the most part just because it’s not worth the hassle. Still, I do have a history of pissing people off. If I do, that’s on me and that’s fine.

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