The Truth

Please don’t misunderstand what I am about to say. I am not disappointed in how the preorder campaign for Dark Futures Annual 1 is going. Even now, I consider the endeavor to be a success. However, I feel that I could have done better.

I could have had more done for the annual in advance. I should have. It isn’t even a matter of it not occurring to me because I did think about it months in advance. The truth is, I put things off when I shouldn’t have.

The release of Dark Futures Annual 1 will come later than I wanted it to. Yes, there have been setbacks that I could not control. Yet the truth is, it’s mostly my fault.

The truth is, I jumped into the deep end with Dark Futures. Every step of the way, this has been a learning experience for me. It still is. I’m learning right now how I can handle next year’s annual better.

Every mistake teaches me how to do what I’m doing better in the future.

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