All Is Still Well

During the day yesterday, the preorder campaign for Dark Futures Annual 1 hit the $150 mark. That’s from nine contributors. Three are in for PDF copies, six for paperback copies. Two of those are also sponsoring contests on the site.

Even if it stopped here, I would not be disappointed. A product that I have spent a year of my life working toward will be in the hands of several people. I will be working with a couple of people in judging at least two more writing contests, both of which will have prizes for the winners above just being recognized on the Dark Futures website. There’s nothing to be disappointed about there.

However, I’d like to see this momentum continue. The campaign is in its final week. That’s when things usually pick up and they have. I’d like to see paperback copies going out to 10+ people. I’d absolutely love to see someone buy a hardcover, even though there’s less profit in that. Just a little bit more and I’ll have all the expenses covered from this that I would like to. (That is, the cost of all the items ordered, shipping, and the hardcover copies I will be giving as gifts to the volunteer staff of this first year.) I’ll add a small incentive. It’s not much but it’s something I can currently offer. If the campaign hits the $200 dollar mark before the end, each print copy preordered will come with a Dark Futures bookmark. I’ll search around a bit and see if I can come up with some other incentives but that’s a start.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone once again for the support. It’s really appreciated. Everyone who has shared, posted, reposted, tweeted, or retweeted about this campaign has done me a great service and honor. Really, you guys kick ass. Thank you.

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